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So here’s to the birthday boy who saved our lives
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and there goes taylor swift telling us that

life is sweeter than fiction

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SONGS OF TS that I really can relate → a place in this world

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Taylor Swift the Goddess of Perfect Legs

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Taylor Squared should Begin Again .

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Can I just say that I understand people missing the "old" Taylor, her curls and country twang, but she's approaching her mid 20's, and it's hard to believe that we've followed her from the age of 16, so of course she will have changed drastically. Hell, I doubt anyone really looks like they did 5 years ago, let alone going from mid teens to early 20's. I'm sure Mothers miss their cute little kids but not so much having to clean up after their pooped pants. You take the good with the bad, y'know?
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift ft. Colbie Caliat - Breathe

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LOL i love your tags on your taylor and conor kennedy photos

LOL. Well, we are really happy for them BUT we need album news, please. :))) 

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