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SONGS OF TS that I really can relate → white horse

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"I had so many dreams about you and me
Happy endings, now I know” 

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"As I pace back and forth all this time ‘cause I honestly believed in you."

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“It’s too late for you and your white horse to catch me now.”

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White Horse Story (as revealed by Taylor)
I actually wasn’t going to put this song on the album. I was going to wait for the third album because I really felt like we had the “sadness” represented on this record. Then my agency out in LA set up a meeting with executive producers Betsy Beers and Shonda Rhimes at Grey’s Anatomy because that’s my favorite show. It would just be a dream come true to have a song on it. So, I played them “White Horse.” It was just me and my guitar and they freaked out. They loved it. They said, “We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” For a while, we didn’t know if we were going to put it on the record because if it wasn’t going to be on the show, then we weren’t going to put it on the album. Then they called and said they were very interested in the song. We recorded it right away, sent it off to them, and they put it in!

To me, “White Horse” is about what, in my opinion, is the most heart-breaking part of a break-up – that moment when you realize that all the dreams you had, all those visions you had of being with this person, all that disappears. Everything after that moment is moving on.. But that initial moment of “Wow, it’s over” is what I wrote “White Horse” about.
-Taylor Swift