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every time i hear the song all too well, i sing along with it. do you?

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The Red Tour: An Infographic

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SONGS OF TS that I really can relate → story of us

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Paper Doll by John Mayer from the album Paper Doll - Single


John Mayer - Paper Doll

  • Released: Jun 18, 2013

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I love taylor swift

and I don’t care who she dated

or how many boys she already dated


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And it would be a fine preposition, if I was a stupid girl,
And yeah I might go with it, if I hadn’t once been just like her

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1. Red
2. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
3. Forever Yours
4. When Love And Hate Collide
5. One More Kiss
6. State of Grace
7. Fight For Us
8. Lies
9. Everything has Changed (ft. Ed Sheeran)
10. I know What I Want
11. Thousand Miles
12. I Knew You Were Trouble
13. Thirteen
14. One Last Chance
15. When I’m With You
16. Don’t Hate Me For Loving You

I guess the tracklist leaked from one of the three lucky fans who got Red in Brazil.

well, if this is true… as far as I know the song “Don’t hate me for loving you” is an unreleased song, right? :) .. but never mind that~ I’m so freaking excitedddd!! :D

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ataylorswiftlovestory: where do you get your backgrounds from for your lyric things?

I think that question is already answered here and here

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How to make a GIF =)

You’ll be needing this programs:

  • KMPlayer
  • Youtube downloader (if you want videos from youtube)
  • Photoscape or Photoshop 


  • Open the video on KMPlayer

  • Look for the part you want to make a gif 
  • Press Ctrl + G & a new window will appear

  • Change the destination folder if you want
  • Then Play & Click ‘Start’ at the other window

  • Then ‘Stop’ when you are done :)
  • Open the screen shot at photoscape or photoshop. If photoscape: go to the section of Animated gif

  • & drop the pictures at the center
  • Change the time & the Size

  • The outcome should only be less than 500k

  • If photoshop: Open all the screen shots you need

  • Copy-Paste the other screen shots to make it only one window

  • Windows > animation
  • on the upper right part of the animation bar, click and select the ‘make frames form layes’ 

  • select all the frames and set the time to your desired time =)

  • and do some edits if you want
  • when you are finished, file > save for web & Devices

  • a new window will appear then do some changes on the setting to reduse the size to 500 k. See the black box bellow =)

  • then post it. TADA =)

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