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Hi guys i need your help, finding this post/video. 

  • there’s this guy, he wore *rich* clothes then he lays on the floor then a lot of people immediately help him, then when he tries a *beggar* costume nobody cared about him at all
  • a guy with a placard then it says something *bad/offensive* about poor people and a lot of people starting to talk to him that he’s bad and stuffs like that, and *hate* him. Then he changed it something like, ‘help the poor’ then nobody bothers to talk to him.

did you get that? or if you know any videos like that. I just need it, like for presentation or something.


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What a sad beautiful tragic, beautiful tragic, beautiful

What we had, a beautiful magic love there

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a friendly reminder that you need to vote for taylor swift here:


just because she’s hot :”>

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Tim McGraw releasing a new album under Big Machine Records on Feb 5 with the song “Highway Don’t Care” ft. Taylor Swift and Kieth Urban

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To make the story short… let us not argue about what the guy said. Let there be peace on earth. What I really wanted to tell you guys is that the guy didn’t intend to hurt anyone’s feeling. Let’s put end to this small talk, and let us all have peaaaace!

To the anons, don’t get mad. We all have different point of views about the statement. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, okay? Sorry. ^_^v

DO NOT REBLOG, okay? And to those who reblogged the photo… IDK how to stop that. :/

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Teardrops on my Guitar

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  • Current theme of ifreakinlovetaylorswift (Feb 2012) with some alterations
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What’s up Swifties?
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Comments on our new theme?

thanks~ :* mwaaaaaaaah

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To both anon, thank you for informing us! At least we know. ;) But it doesn’t hurt to show our support to our beloved artist, right? ^^

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