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how can i edit my picture to make it look like the red deluxe edition?

first, open an image

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1 year ago // 37 notes // by ubhie
How to do the rectangular/circular dotted lines/circle thingy:

Example: (NOTE: I will NOT do the exact example. :))

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2 years ago // 21 notes // by howellswift
How to put text on a picture (Easy)


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How to make a blogroll:

Like this one: click

What is a blogroll? It is a fancy page where it shows who you are following. :)

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2 years ago // 5 notes // by howellswift
How to enable your timeline in Facebook:
  1. Log in your facebook account.
  2. Go to this link {here}
  3. Click the green button that says Get Timeline.
  4. Check your profile. It is now changed to a timeline.
  5. In your timeline, besides the advertisment. There is a button that says “Add a Cover”
  6. Click that and click “Upload Photo”
  7. Upload the photo and resize if you want.
  8. Click Save then you’re done.



2 years ago // 30 notes // by howellswift
Tutorial: What’s a PSD?

Here’s a tutorial on how to use a PSD. First, PSD is a photoshop document file. It is used mostly for editing and coloring.

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