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"That’s not the worst thing that could happen… I mean, her songs are hits."
- Austin Mahone on Chelsea Lately’s comment, “Taylor Swift’s a sweetheart, but don’t date her, ’cause she’ll write a f—-g song about you,” (via myjourneytofearlesss)

Chelsea used to be so nice about Taylor. Her and other people see her talent as something that is bad, Taylor is one of the few artists today that actually writes and performs her own songs. Also, many of the greats such as Bob Dylan or James Taylor etc. They were all ‘Confessional Songwriters’ like Taylor. Who wrote songs about their lives whether it be about love, friendship, families etc. It’s not something that Taylor invented… Instead she’s one of few people to have that raw unique talent. But they only criticise Taylor and not other famous artists who sing about love and relationships because oh wait… They don’t write their own songs do they?

It’s a real shame about the world we live in that genuine talent is seen as something to be ridiculed and seen to be shameful.

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"People haven’t always been there for me but music always has."
- Taylor Swift
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