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Taylor Swift + Movie Songs

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SONGS OF TS that makes me crysafe and sound

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song to picture → eyes open

Keep your feet ready
Heartbeat steady
Keep your eyes open
Keep your aim locked
The night goes dark
Keep your eyes open

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Taylor Swift related Movies of 2012

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Taylor Swift to have “Safe and Sound” music video!


Taylor Swift’s father posted this on his facebook page:

Just back from Safe and Sound Video Shoot. I think it is by far the best I have ever seen. The scenery and shots are amazing as is Taylor walking barefoot across fields with rocks in cold weather. What a trooper. But it works! Stay tuned. I cannot wait for this one.

Source: Hunger Games Network

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Safe and sound. ;)

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What can you say about “Safe and Sound”? Love it? Hate it?

Me (Katrine) I LOVE IT!

I’m a really big fan of The Hunger Games and the song suits the whole story! Opinions?

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