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“Enchanted” by Taylor Swift Covered by Megan and Liz (by MeganandLiz)

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Another video of Taylor Swift And Nicki Minaj rapping “Super Bass”

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This one’s for you, Tay-Squared fans! Taylor Swift gives Taylor Lautner a sweet hug at her concert last night (August 28). Lautner headed straight from the 2011 MTV VMAs to see the country cutie perform at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. According to concert goers, Swift changed the lyrics in “Back to December” to “this is for the boy from Michigan”. Aawww…

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Taylor Swift - Teardrops on my guitar cover by Connie Talbot

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Taylor Swift - Mean (Boyce Avenue & Megan Nicole acoustic cover) MTV Video Music Awards VMA

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Super Bass - Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift (Live at Staples, LA)

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ELLEN our song! good quality! taylor swift concert!

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Taylor Swift singing Back to December “this is for the boy from michigan”

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Realize (Colbie Caillat Cover) by Taylor Swift from the album Speak Now Tour

Realize (Colbie Caillat cover) - Taylor Swift
this is so perfect..  


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Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj singing Superbass. 
How lucky are these people from the past couple shows? honestly.
Nicki, Hot Chelle Rae, Jason Mraz, Justin Bieber. 

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Realize (Colbie Caillat) - Taylor Swift 

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Taylor Swift Cover of Colbie Caillat Realize Los Angeles Speak now concert 8/28/11

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taylor squared hug!

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Taylor Swift and Ellen Degeneres singing our song!!!!

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