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Taylor Swift + tours

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Taylor Swift
Red Tour Acoustic Songs

“It’s a song that I wrote about how when you fall in love it’s not really up to the people around you to tell you what they think about it, but they always will. And, if it’s real love, you’ll find a way to ignore it that everyone else has their opinions because it’s really just between you and one other person. This is a song I wrote about that, it’s called Ours.”

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Everything Has Changed from tonight (March 29) Newark NJ


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You're Not Sorry (Live in Newark, NJ)
Taylor Swift
You're Not Sorry - RED tour

Taylor Swift singing “You’re Not Sorry” as her surprise song in Newark, NJ 3.29.13 (x)

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Another good video of Drive By

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Drive By
Train and Taylor Swift
RED Tour (Live)


Drive By - Taylor Swift and Train (Live on The RED Tour, Newark 3.29.13) (x)

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Drive By with Pat Monhan of Train

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Mar 29, 2013 | Drive By! by TSwiftOnTour on Keek.com


Drive By! [x by TSwiftOnTour]

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Tim McGraw Live Red Tour Charlotte
Taylor Swift


Tim McGraw- Taylor Swift Live Red Tour

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You’re Not Sorry (The Red Tour)

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Starlight (live)
Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift - Starlight (live) - download

Red Tour - March 27, 2013 - Newark, NJ

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Everybody Talks
Taylor Swift and Tyler Glenn
RED Tour

Taylor Swift and Tyler Glenn singing Everybody Talks (28 March 2013) [Download]

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video of Taylor and Tyler singing EVERYBODY TALKS

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The Story of Us (Live in Newark)

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