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the RED booklet

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"Maybe I’ll write a whole album about that kind of love if I ever find it. But this album is about the other kinds of love that I’ve recently fallen in and out of. Love that was treacherous, sad, beautiful, and tragic. But most of all, this record is about love that was red.”

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Taylor Swift + tours

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Taylor Swift + RED words x

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Taylor Swift + Albums [xx]

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When I still see it all in my head
Burning red

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RED songs on RED Tour

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in my mind when you experience love that’s fast-paced and out of control and mixes infatuation, jealousy, frustration, miscommunication, and all of those lovely emotions…in retrospect, it all looks red.

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taylor swift red photoshoot part 1

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and they’re all laughing as I’m looking around the room.

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Red Deluxe Version

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The rest of Red album art as requested. Enjoy!

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I’ve made some Taylor Swift Album Art for RED, so yeah. Enjoy! :)

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