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hahaha. i just discovered something in the new tumblr app. you can now personalize your theme in the app and the theme you made will be shown when you hover our url link. look!

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Anonymous: yes taylor isnt a slut but i find it disrespectful when she writes a song about the boys shes been with saying that they they broke her heart blablabla and it all ends up with everyone feeling sad for her and they have end up having the shit on them because they broke up with taylor swift yes she has the right to say what she feels but i dont think making a mistake and breaking taylors heart makes you the worst person in the world

I’m not really having an argument here. buuuuuut, if you’re broken-hearted… you’ll fell, lost, so foolish, so saaaad, so broken, *insert all the sad emotion here*. and i think taylor’s way of showing it is by writing songs. everyone of us have to do something for us to ease the pain from the break up and i don’t think writing a song about it is that bad. you know, there’s always two sides of the story, and her songs is only one side of it. i don’t thing it’s rational to hate the exes of taylor just because of the song and I don’t think taylor wrote songs just to ‘get back’ to her exes. maybe writing songs is her way of letting go of her emotions. I don’t think it’s taylor’s fault, i think it’s on the ppl who think that way.

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describe Taylor Swift in ONE WORD.

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My heart belongs to: Taylor Swift

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