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Random Pack of Taylor Swift Icons

Hey, guys. (: Here I gather a pack of random Taylor icons from the 2014 photoshoots. I’m taking requests, too. just drop an ask


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Anonymous: Where did you get photoshop?

We get our photoshop somewhere. I dont really know where I got mine…. but I found a link here.

2 years ago // 1 note // by howellswift
Hello, Swifties. This is a very good news.

I found a link for Photoshop CS4 Portable.

What is the difference of the Full Version PS CS4 to Portable? You don’t need to install Portable BUT keep in mind that, Portable is NOT made by Adobe. Still, the features are ALMOST the same. Sadly, I cant find a link for the full version. 

I use the same link for my netbook (a smaller version of a laptop.) and yeah, it worked.

Click HERE for the link!

I dont know if it works but if it doesn’t then, I’m sorry but that’s the only safe link I found. :)

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