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taylor swift you’re so pretty, and so sexy. i love you 

2 weeks ago // 12 notes // by ubhie

that love story remix is probably the only taylor swift song remix that i love. and it’s not even a studio version. it’s a live version.

1 month ago // 25 notes // by ubhie

we’re loosing shit taylorswift you just did that. you just touched a butt

1 month ago // 20 notes // by ubhie

i think every time i’ll be hearing love story i’ll be the one singing the ‘oohhhh’ part

1 month ago // 11 notes // by ubhie

anyone know where can i get fonts that’s for commercial use? I’m going to use it on for the shop?

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1 month ago // 14 notes // by ubhie

Not a fan of that outfit tho. I was expecting a dress!!! I don’t care how short it is. I want a dress!

1 month ago // 30 notes // by ubhie

I just woke up then u saw taylor’s outfit today. My initial thought is ‘WHAT THE are u sure that’s taylor’, the i saw the legs and i was like ‘hot damn. Look at that legs. I love that legs’
Can’t wait for the performence!!

1 month ago // 25 notes // by ubhie

i feel like all the change in the theme, we need to change the icon too. but i cant find something different. 

1 month ago // 4 notes // by ubhie

look what i have been doing all day,

but i’m still not contented tho.

i’m trying to do a polaroid theme

but i sucks. 

any good advice anyone?

1 month ago // 29 notes // by ubhie

is it possible to reach the limit of playing Shake If Off? It’s on repeat since the release. I think i just broke my itunes. REPEAT ONE.

2 months ago // 52 notes // by ubhie

I’m so excited later!!!!!!

Who’s with me?

2 months ago // 73 notes // by ubhie

how many times do you think we’ll be using this picture

before taylor releases a new one?

2 months ago // 68 notes // by ubhie

taylor swift bringing old fashion back.

2 months ago // 18 notes // by ubhie

i think i need to start a diet now

because i’m going to buy crop top shirts

2 months ago // 19 notes // by ubhie