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look what i have been doing all day,

but i’m still not contented tho.

i’m trying to do a polaroid theme

but i sucks. 

any good advice anyone?

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is it possible to reach the limit of playing Shake If Off? It’s on repeat since the release. I think i just broke my itunes. REPEAT ONE.

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I’m so excited later!!!!!!

Who’s with me?

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how many times do you think we’ll be using this picture

before taylor releases a new one?

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taylor swift bringing old fashion back.

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i think i need to start a diet now

because i’m going to buy crop top shirts

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we need to steal taylor’s phone so we can hear the new songs.

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some anon has been asking about members and stuff. please now that, we have added and remove members for this blog most of the time. We usually reset members, especially if none of them is active anymore. We send them a message explaining stuffs then, after that still ask *some* of them if they still want to be part of the blog as long as they can follow the rules and stuffs.

(we still have members opening, if you want to join btw)

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OMG. she’s so sad, then she smiled. then omg. she’s so happy.


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that’s it. Red Tour Manila is now over. I’m just going to start crying now. 

but i feel like it’s too short. oh well

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Happy 30K everyone! we love you so so so much! <13


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hahaha. i just discovered something in the new tumblr app. you can now personalize your theme in the app and the theme you made will be shown when you hover our url link. look!

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*tags #taylorswift on everything we post* 

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