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Ryan Seacrest accidentally hit Taylor in the face with his mic on the red carpet!

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My ex-man brought his new girlfriend. She’s like “Oh, my god!” but I’m just gonna shake.

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Taylor Swift Albums + Vinyl design

[Inspired by BΔSTILLE]

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Taylor Swift performing “Shake It Off” at the 2014 VMA’s (HD)

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Taylor Swift @ VMAs

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"As I grow up, lessons I learn in love and relationships are changing. Life’s not a fairy tale anymore."
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How does 1989 compare to Red?

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"I’ve wanted one thing for me whole life and I’m not going to be that girl who wants one thing her whole life then gets it and complains."

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Taylor Swift (Age 13)

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Fans are my favourite thing in the world. I’ve never been the type of artist who has that line drawn between their friends and their fans. The line’s always been really blurred for me. I’ll hang out with them after the show. I’ll hang out with them before the show. If I see them in the mall, I’ll stand there and talk to them for 10 minutes.

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Meet the Swifts…

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