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Anonymous: What did you research find/why is it jake? I agree but curious :)

Because of the line “each time you reach out there’s no reply” (this is according to them), (this is what I think about IAD) and in WANEGBT, it’s obvious that Taylor’s in a bad relationship (which the other anon mentioned) and in IAD, “we made quite a mess, babe” so there. We don’t know which came first, if it’s WANEGBT or IAD, but they’re quite related in some ways. :)

UPDATE: I think IAD came first. WANEGBT’s secret message is WHEN I STOPPED CARING WHAT YOU THOUGHT and if you just broke up with someone you really loved, you’d want him back and stuff, and that’s what IAD is all about right? Maybe after some time, Taylor realized things and she thought, I should prolly get over him and wrote WANEGBT. That’s what I thought. (Unless Taylor’s a bit indecisive, then it’s the other way around, and we know she isn’t so there)

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