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Things We Love About Taylor () » Meredith

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you’re the prettiest kitty in the world

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Taylor Swift alphabet

(M) Meredith

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"I’m thankful for friendships like this.”

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Right, Meredith. Meow. :3

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smalltownmike: Quick card game with America’s favorite kitty cat. 

omg this is too cute for me! 

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In a scale of 1 to 10 (highest), how CUTE is Meredith Swift?

For me, it’s (infinite)! HAHA. The kitty is just so cute. OMG. I’m usually a dog-person and sometimes, I dislike cats (and that awkward moment my name is Kat and I don’t like cats.). Anyway, what’s your rating?


PS: Sorry if I haven’t been active. I promise by next week, I’ll try to edit. Stupid school work.

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Reblog if you know who Meredith is.
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