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so here’s the news:

  • NEW THEME | its for the 1989 era. I tried making it a polariod design, but… does it look like a polariod? no? haha. I tried. Sorry. Let us know if we have some errors and stuffs :)
  • Handwriting compilation | we’ll be compiling taylor’s handwriting and put it at this list. This will be an updating folder. So if you have request, let us know.
  • Online Shop | This is a shared account. But as you can see, we only have few post here. Those were are old edits. If you have some request, let us know too and we’ll be glad to make one.
  • New Member Application | We’re still open. We’ll be glad to have you guys here. Just please read the rules and stuffs, and submit not only once, so we can really see your edits. We’re looking for Active members. 
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