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Who wants to be a member?

Hi guys, since this page is not so active any more. How about a little help, yes? (we’re now accepting members!!) so we need someone who knows how to make an awesome edit (obviously) and someone we can expect to be committed on this blog. To do that:

  • we need you to at least reblog taylor swift stuffs, edits, videos and all (at least do it daily, well, if you’re busy it’s ok with us, you know, we are not also 24/7 on-line here. WE JUST WANT YOU TO BE ACTIVE, please?)
  • no reblogging your own edits here on our blog (or rather minimize your self promotion, we have past members that joined here just for them to reblog their own edit so they can get notes, so no no for that — well, from time to time you can post on from blog then reblog it here, but I encourage you guys to post TS stuff here)
  • and last but not he least, no taylor swift blog (well, sorry about this guys, but we can’t afford to have your attention separated on reblogging/editing on your own blog, then reblogging/editing here. As much a possible, I want this blog to be your taylor swift blog not another taylor swift blog

So how can you be a member? Just send a fan mail, say that you can accomplish what we’re asking, we’re not strict we just want some one who can help us with this blog! (we really haven’t post anything this past months, so we need help. we’re a bit busy coz of school.. haaaay) send us links to your edits too so we can see it.

One of the Admins will reply to you on or before March 3, Monday to ask for your email address if we decided you can be a member! One Fan Mail, per person please?! :)


Stay Fearless <13

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Taylor Swift Fashion Challenge
  • [10] Photoshoots Outfits
  • [ 9 ] Candid Outfits
  • [ 8 ] Event Outfits - Award shows, movie premiers, and others
  • [ 7 ] Appearance Outfits - Interviews, TV series and Movies
  • [ 6 ] Concert/Performances Outfits
  • [ 5 ] Hair Style
  • [ 4 ] Shoes
  • [ 3 ] Accesories 
  • [ 2 ] Taylor Swift Style - favorite style from head to toe
  • [ 1 ] Era-Fashion - pre-TS, TS, speak now or red 

Just tag it with ‘tswiffashion' and we'll be reblogging some :)

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Some of Tay’s Fall Collection sneakers for Keds Philippines are already available for online purchase at ZALORA Philippines, with FREE shipping! Click:http://www.zalora.com.ph/catalog/?q=taylor+swift

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my friend just saw me rebloging taylor swift photos, and he said to me “still on taylor swift, she’s a slut” I just said, “ok” and continue on scrolling on tumblr and reblogging every taylor swift post that i can see so he can get the hell out my space then he just walks away.

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Taylor during Blurred Lines, VMAS 2013

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Taylor Swift looking better in everything she wears than the outfits of our enemies since 1234

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you’re the best thing that’s ever been mine.”

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hey guys! Have a Swiftacular Christmas!! :”> 

love you all


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Anonymous: yes taylor isnt a slut but i find it disrespectful when she writes a song about the boys shes been with saying that they they broke her heart blablabla and it all ends up with everyone feeling sad for her and they have end up having the shit on them because they broke up with taylor swift yes she has the right to say what she feels but i dont think making a mistake and breaking taylors heart makes you the worst person in the world

I’m not really having an argument here. buuuuuut, if you’re broken-hearted… you’ll fell, lost, so foolish, so saaaad, so broken, *insert all the sad emotion here*. and i think taylor’s way of showing it is by writing songs. everyone of us have to do something for us to ease the pain from the break up and i don’t think writing a song about it is that bad. you know, there’s always two sides of the story, and her songs is only one side of it. i don’t thing it’s rational to hate the exes of taylor just because of the song and I don’t think taylor wrote songs just to ‘get back’ to her exes. maybe writing songs is her way of letting go of her emotions. I don’t think it’s taylor’s fault, i think it’s on the ppl who think that way.

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how can i edit my picture to make it look like the red deluxe edition?

first, open an image

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