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COSMO: Of all the lyrics on your new album, Red, which resonates the most with you?
TAYLOR: I have a chalkboard in my house in L.A., and every week, I've been writing a new lyric on it from the record just to figure out which one pops out to me, which seem most important. There's a song that's the first track on the record, and it says, "Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right." That's been my whole philosophy on love this whole time anyway.
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What’s on Taylor Swift’s Christmas List?


With her Speak Now tour over, Taylor Swift is enjoying some downtime in Nashville, catching up with family, reconnecting with friends — and creating homemade snow globes.

“That was my first time making snow globes out of mason jars, antique Christmas trinkets and glitter,” she tells PEOPLE of her recent holiday experiment. “I found out how to do it on Pinterest. It made for a lovely winter activity day — [it] made me feel like a little kid again.”

From the sounds of it, Swift — who turns 22 today — will spend a lot of time reflecting on her childhood this season, considering her favorite family tradition is trimming “a big Christmas tree” with ornaments she and brother Austin made as kids. “It’s so nostalgic,” she says, “looking back at all the Christmases past and comparing them to how different our lives are now.”

“Now” means living life as a recording artist, being a recipient of CMT’s “Artist of the Year” award Tuesday night and releasing her first fragrance, Wonderstruck. “It turned out to be something I wear every day, and I’m so proud of how well it’s done,” she says of the scent. “I love it when people come up to me and tell me they wear it every day.”

The singer — whose toasty “Nashville holiday uniform” consists of sweaters, jeans and boots — is currently taking a break from the busyness, though, and focusing on shopping for friends. “I like to get my friends gifts that show that I really know them,” she explains. “If one of my friends says something about wanting something, I’ll write it down and get that for them for Christmas.”

Her own holiday wish list is a bit simpler: it includes a pasta maker, antique picture frames and “anything from Free People or Anthropologie,” she shares. She has big holiday hopes for her fans, too. “I hope that they’re happy, wherever they are … [that] they feel loved by the people around them,” she shares. “And most of all I hope they feel appreciated by me. My life would look nothing like this without them


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From a 2008 interview where 2 artists she specifically calls out in music she likes in a row are John Mayer and Kanye West. Ouch, look what happened with both of them and her since then. 

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Dollar Bill and Madison from 102.5 The Bull interview Taylor Swift at the CMA’s!

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Taylor Swift On Air with Ryan Seacrest interview

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Taylor’s Nashville Favorites

For such a young woman, Taylor Swift holds quite a bit of power. Not only is she one of the most gifted songwriters in the history of country music—but her stage presence only continues to improve with each tour. This month, fans and fellow music industry folk will be filling the Bridgestone Arena for two sold out shows on September 16 and 17. Playing a show for thousands of screaming fans is something she’s used to—but in front of her peers and in her home town it’s even sweeter. With Sparks Fly, she hypnotizes the audience both with music and the excitement of full stage production.

When not on stage, she’s writing songs, spending time with her friends and posing as the face of Cover Girl cosmetics. Not such a bad gig for a girl who’s barely legal. Add a new penthouse and a slew of awards to the mix and it gets even better. In fact, early this month, the committee for the Symphony Ball (one of Nashville’s most prestigious events) will announce their plans to honor her with the Harmony Award at this year’s ball (in December). This incredible honor only proves just how respected her talents are by her fans, peers and members of her home town community. 

We got to catch up with her between tour dates about the show, biggest influences—and of course, her Nashville Lifestyle.

—Stacie Standifer

Living in Midtown:
How does it feel to have your own place in Midtown Nashville? I love living in Midtown. In 10 minutes, I can walk to Hillsboro Village through the Vanderbilt campus, past the gorgeous old stone buildings and churches. I love being so close to Green Hills and the Gulch and Broadway. Everything is two minutes away.

What’s your favorite thing about owning and having your own place? My favorite thing is getting to have my friends over and cook for them. Hanging out with friends at home always turns into some piano sing-along, so I have all kinds of percussion instruments and guitars lying around. Also, living in an apartment motivates you to get out and get things done during the day. Something about living up in the sky, being able to see the whole city going about its day, makes you want to get up early and go accomplish things.

Around Town:
If you had a day to be anonymous in Music City, what would you do and where would you go? I’d just probably do the same things I usually do. It would be so depressing to think I couldn’t go certain places because people know who I am now. I love going to the shops in Franklin and walking around the adorable areas in East Nashville (my fiddle player Caitlin’s neighborhood) and walking to Starbucks in the morning. I love concerts at the Ryman, I like going to Target. These are all places where there are always lots of people around, but that’s just kind of where I like going. It’s not that big of a deal, really.

Favorite Shops:
Do you have any favorite shops in or around Nashville? If so, any tips for great finds? I have so many favorite shops here. I love Gilchrist and Gilchrist, this family owned shop in Berry Hill. I bought a lot of cute decorations and furniture for my apartment there. For the girls who like shabby chic, go there. I really like the Hill Center area with Anthropologie and H.Audrey. Fire Finch and Pangea in Hillsboro Village are so cute too. Fanny’s House of Music in East Nashville has instruments, lessons, sweet ladies who work there and awesome vintage clothes, shoes, and accessories (across the street is Pied Piper, get some ice cream there).

Showing off Nashville:
In five words or less, can you give us a few adjectives that describe your personality? Curious. Excitable. History-obsessed. Hopelessly, blindly romantic.

What do you consider to be the best places to take out of town visitors coming to Nashville for the first time? If you’re dealing with foodies, take them to City House in Germantown. If your guests like barbecue and a laid-back, front porch vibe, South Street is great. 12South is a really cool area and Burger Up is fairly new, plus the Frothy Monkey is next door for coffee. At least drive down Broadway and show them the honkytonks. Go to Pancake Pantry for breakfast. I like to drive down Music Row and show out of town guests how quaint and laid back our music industry has stayed, with major record and publishing companies in cute little houses.

Also, the Belle Meade plantation is awesome and it’s one of the first places I went when I first came here. I’m obsessed with the history of this town. I seriously park my car and read those historical marker signs when I see them.

Three Things:
If you had to leave home with only three items, what would they be? My contact lenses. My phone. A sharpie.

Taylor’s Playlist:
What’s on your playlist right now? Any new music you can suggest that our readers tune into? I like to listen to the radio in my car, either the country or pop stations in Nashville or Sirius XM. There’s just something about the way music sounds when it’s on the radio. Other than that, I’m always critiquing new mixes of songs for the next record (yes, already …). I love Lori McKenna and I think her album Lorraine is my favorite of the year.

Speak Now:
What are you most excited about going forward? Can you give us a little insight on what to expect from you in the future? I’m most excited about releasing more singles and making more music videos from my album Speak Now. I’m incredibly proud of this album and I can’t wait to see what will happen as new songs get unveiled as singles. I love the tour I’m on, and it’s a good thing because it isn’t ending any time soon: Ill be on the Speak Now Tour until spring of next year. I’ve been writing a lot lately for a new album (not to be coming out soon, I usually take two years to make an album). I have a perfume coming out in the fall and I’ve been working on it all year, so I really can’t wait for that. I’ve never launched a fragrance before, so this should be new and exciting!

Music City Heroes:
Who are your ultimate idols living in Music City, and do you ever get time to see them? I think my favorite person in Nashville is Faith Hill. She’s been my idol since I saw her on both VH1 and CMT when I was about 10. I loved how she was taking country music to bigger audiences, and her grace in the spotlight. Since I put out my first album, Faith has been a welcoming and warm presence in my life, time after time. She sends flowers on my birthday and sent me cookies when I got sick. Another one of my favorite people is Kenny Chesney. He’s so supportive, and always makes sure I know he’s in my corner. He sends little notes of encouragement, and I know I can ask him for advice any time. These are two people who had always been my heroes for their career accomplishments, and when I met them, they became my heroes for their characters.

On Stage:
Tell us about the single most intriguing element in your show this month? Any inside info on what to expect? My favorite thing about this show is that the stage and the mood are always constantly changing in front of you. People have compared it to a Broadway play, and I’ll take that comparison any day. I love the drama of visual storytelling and the element of surprise that you can incorporate into a show. We spent half a year planning each moment that occurs on that stage, and the result is a show I’m really excited to play every night. Mostly, I’m happy that this show has become an extension of my imagination. Sparkles and all.


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