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Taylor and Me Challenge
  • Day 1 : A non-taylor swift song(s) that reminds you of taylor swift
  • Day 2 : Something that reminds you of taylor swift(things that you may or may not have, anything really)
  • Day 3:  Word(s) that reminds you of taylor swift
  • Day 4 : Clothes/Outfit (that you may or may not own) that reminds you of taylor swift
  • Day 5 : Color(s) that reminds you of taylor swift (i know, it’s red. but maybe you have other ideas)
  • Day 6 : The first taylor swift song that you really love
  • Day 7 : Your most played taylor swift song
  • Day 8 : Favorite/best taylor swift lyrics (lyrics that you really felt emotions and stuff)
  • Day 9 : Taylor swift song(s) you want to be played on the most special day of your life (i’m thinking of a wedding here, but not all of us consider their most special day the wedding so i made it generic)
  • Day 10 : Taylor swift song(s) you listen when you’re down
  • Day 11 : Taylor swift song(s) that reminds you of someone (mom, dad, brother, ex-boyfriend, a lover, crush, best friend)
  • Day 12 : Your favorite taylor swift moment(s) (it can me something taylor did or say, the day you meet her,or the day you went to her concert, or the day when you first herd her song, anything!) 
  • Day 13 : Taylor swift ‘quotes’ that really got into you (words of wisdom by taylor swift, can be from an interview or an opening speech or an instagram comment)
  • Day 13 1/2 :Taylor swift song(s) that changed your life (if there’s any, i hope there is)

Let’s be personal for a moment and appreciate Taylor’s effect in our lives (bit dramatic, don’t you think?) Just tag it properly so we can see it and reblog it. You can add explanations if you want. And you can do as many as you want on each day (expect for day 6 and 7).

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for members: you can do your own then reblog it here or you can post here i don’t mind duplicates. i’ll be posting mine here (if i’ll do it)

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