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Favorite lines from Red (part 1)
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Tim McGraw releasing a new album under Big Machine Records on Feb 5 with the song “Highway Don’t Care” ft. Taylor Swift and Kieth Urban

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Still my favorite of all time ever.

Oh Taylor.

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after-plaidshirt-days: Why would Girl At Home be about Zac. I can't remember him dating anyone the time Taylor and Zac hung out.. And the whole Haylor thing is bullshit to me. I think CBBH is about a affair she may had in UK or wherever but not about Harry. This seems so wrong. let's say she wrote this song just a few days before the released the track list. This would still mean Taylor & Harry already 'dated' about 5 weeks ago. So why are the rumors now? just saying ;)

yeah yeah. i really don’t know why! but nevertheless, let’s then mysterious guys of the song GAH & CBBH. hahaha. without them, the song will not be made :)

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sometimes i like to think that the song I Almost Do is of Taylor L. you know, the ‘i just want to tell you it take everything in me not to call you’ and say sorry and say i want to go back to december. you know… idk :P

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369 /1000 pictures of Taylor Swift

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Just be yourself, there is no one better.

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