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 And you can tell me that you’re sorry but I don’t believe you baby like I did before..

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Taylor Swift + tours

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(RED Tour - Speak Now Tour - Fearless Tour) may these memories break or fall…

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“I never want to change so much that people can’t recognize me.”

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25 Days of Taylor Swift (» hair flips.

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[Talking about walking through the audience during shows] “it’s just really fun because like.. there are alway little kids, and there’s these cute guys and there are all these girls that they’re just like me and I don’t know, I love these people so much and getting to go up there and tell them that is just really fun it’s my favorite part of the night!.”

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Dear Taylor Swift,

Thank you for a flawless, fearless, amazing three years.

Thank you for love stories and dancing in the rain in our best dresses.

Thank you for the courage to say “you’re NOT sorry,” and being able to recognize that it’s too late for him and his white horse to come around.

Thank you for helping us realise some bigger dreams of ours, thank you for helping to us to know that these things will change.

I had the best days with you.

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