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Glamour UK July 2014 (x)

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So Harry Styles buys a house near Taylor and nobody says much but when Taylor was RUMOURED to be looking at real estate in England, the general response is ’omG SHE’S SUCH A STALKER, LEAVE HAZZA ALOONE!!!1!!1!!2!’

Double fucking standards.

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Remember this picture Taylor posted on December 13, 2011.


And we were like “Oh, thats cool.” But we didnt released that Taylor literally told us her next album was going to be Red.


We just didnt notice.

But we know Taylor likes to hint things before the release…

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DAY9: Favorite Break-up Song(Song That Makes You Cry) Forever & Always (Piano Version)

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Each of Taylor’s dresses she wore at the concert (in order of when they were worn)
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