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HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS? What was the first Taylor Swift song you’ve ever heard?

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if you are taylor swift what will be your ipod songs?

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Anonymous asked : Hey guys, which perfume do you prefer and think smells better… Wonderstruck or Wonderstruck Enchanted?

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guys, when will the IKYWT MV will be released?

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give me one line of taylor swift song, that describes your feelings right now.

Mine: Yeah we’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time… Tonight’s the night we forget about the heartbreaks, it’s time

what’s yours?

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GUYS? Do have the link of Taylor and Zac’s Vid on ABC family lounge? And is it true she sang the ‘Safe and Sound’ on her concert? OMG? Do you have Vids? Please share?

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Among all the albums Taylor released, what do you think is the best?

Mine (Katrine) would be Speak Now Deluxe Edition. :) You can state why, too!

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What band or artist would you like Taylor to do a duet with?

Me (Katrine) would like it to be Big Time Rush. It’s my opinion sooo… which is yours? 

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Describe Taylor Swift in ONE word.
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The old one? or the new one?

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sarcasmispurple asked

6 pics of Taylor Swift

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For you, what is the most heartbreaking song of taylor swift?

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What’s your favorite Taylor Swift song?