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Taylor Swift on her mysteriously perfect post-gym look 

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Album 5 photo (Super HQ)

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Philippine News *bow* source

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13 days taylor swift ▬ day 13 your theme/life song  
↳ change

→they might be BIGGER
but we’re

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Anonymous: Have you ever heard the theory that I Almost Do is about Adam Young? With the lyric "this time of night you're still up" being about his insomnia? And "each time you reach out there's no reply" about how she didn't ever really get back to him? It all fits

wait what?? O_O

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@taylorswift13: Today at rehearsals for grammys. I’m trying to remember.. What was the song a lot of you were saying… [x]

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Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts - “What Hurts the Most” Nashville 9/20/13 (Good Video/Audio)

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if u dont scream and flip ur hair dramatically when ur singing “BACK BEFORE YOU LOST THE ONE REAL THING YOU’VE EVER KNOWN” ur doing it wrong

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Red Icons for Red Release Week!


Calling all Swifties!

Starting TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16 it will be one week until the release of the long awaited Red album! To celebrate, we’re asking all Swifties to turn their icons RED! By this I mean (for photoshop users) open your current icon, slap a red color fill layer on top and set that sucker to “multiply” (or hey, you could even do “lighten” whatever floats your boat or looks best). And for those of you who aren’t photoshop savvy — on Monday I’ll be posting 25-30 pre-made Taylor Swift red icons for you guys to use in the meantime.

Remember, it’s just a week! Show your support for Taylor and turn your icon red! It DOESN’T have to be a Taylor icon. Turn your awesomely cropped shot of Harry Styles, your fave instagram selfie, or hell, I don’t know, the picture of your cat (oh she’d love that, I’m sure) RED for the week and anxiously await the arrival of the new album!

Reblog and tell all your fellow fans!

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now I’m lying on the cold, hard ground… trouble trouble trouble

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"The new album from Taylor Swift will have a release date of October this year. From what Scott can tell us, Taylor has been writing a ton of material and will not be attending CMA Fest. “She has to finish her album,” were his words. She’s doing more collaborations. From what Scott has heard and is willing to reveal, she’s going to blow it out of the water. They are planning to do something for the 2013 CMA Fest. They’re also looking at the next tour, but there are no specifics yet."
- theswiftagency.com (via eyesopen)
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bitches, she’s fabulous

omg Taylor Fabulous Swift

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Taylor carried on singing while her floating balcony suddenly stopped 200ft and rocked side to side. She carried on shows while she was still sick and only cancelled because she was forced to. She keeps adding more and more to the Speak Now tour, like arm lyrics, choreography, mash-up’s and medleys. She added Sparks Fly onto the album after FANS were asking about it, then released it as a single. She did a live webcast for her fans to announce the release of Speak Now because she wanted it to be more personal instead of announcing it in an interview. She’s never used social network sites to promote her album or singles and still managed to sell 1 million+ albums in the first week. She’s continuously thanked her fans for everything and put’s all her effort into trying to meet them like holding 13 hour meet and greets, stopping and talking to them when they approach her, following a girl in Nashville that was wearing her t-shirt in the street, walking through the crowd at her concert, spending hours with fans outside award shows. If that isn’t a good role model, then I don’t know who is.
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