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Out of focus, eye to eye
Till the gravity’s too much

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RED LYRICS » holy ground

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Swift_Dramatic-Reading by Sean Connolly from the album Mac Tunes


A Dramatic Reading: Taylor Swift - “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

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All Too Well by Taylor Swift from the album Red


Taylor Swift - 'All Too Well' (boy ver.)

edited by me :)

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Anonymous: come back be here mentions loving someone after a few days and being in new york and wanting to go back there but the person not being there because they are in london, and taylor was with harry in new york for like two days and then he had to leave to go to london, i dont know if it is true but this is what people are saying. :)

but don’t you think the CBBH have strong feelings, like i-want-you-here-coz-it-hurt-that-you’re-far-i-love-you way. hahaha. i mean, the song really sing about a girl that really loves a guy. they only meet for 2 days and already have that strong feelings? 

idk, hahahahahaha. but everything is possible lol.

but read this. hahah. i think that’s sweet. but… 

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384/100+ pictures of Taylor Swift

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