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13 Day Taylor Swift Song Challenge
  1. Favorite song from ‘Taylor Swift’ album
  2. Favorite song from ‘Fearless’ album
  3. Favorite song from ‘Speak Now’ album
  4. Favorite song from ‘RED' album
  5. Favorite song in Live/Acoustic Version
  6. Favorite collaboration
  7. Favorite Music Video
  8. Favorite Lyrics/Line
  9. Favorite Break-up song/song that makes you cry
  10. Favorite Love song
  11. Favorite Party song/Hairbrush song
  12. Song that you can really relate right now
  13. Your Theme/Life song

Let’s do this guys. Just tag your post as '13tswift' and we’ll be reblogging some. don’t for get to tag :)

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hi guys, if you want to submit your edit to us, you just need to tag it to our URL - ifreakinlovetaylorswift- so we can see and reblog some of it. no need to send us links :)

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guys can you direct me to where i can find that new pictures of taylor swift, the scanned one, the photoshot on RED album (the original one please, not edited)?

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My Favorite Blogs. :”>

Most of these  people doesn’t follow me. But, I know someday they will. ♥ I love their blogs, their so AWESOME! These blogs inspired me a lot. :’) I hope they’ll see this. :**

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guess what?! i freakin love taylor swift too!! haha yeah and i love your blog. it's great :)

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11K followers!! OMG! :”>

awww~ We love you sooo much,swifties <3

^my fave sparksfly gif!


Stay Fearless<3 & Always Speak now :]

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3262 TAYLOR LOVERS are following us.

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