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Day 4: Favorite song from ‘RED’ album
All Too Well
“The autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place.”

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Tell Me Why
Taylor Swift


Tell Me Why live in St. Paul, MN 9/7/13 (listen // download)

If I was chatting to Taylor before a show and could request a song to be played on the B-stage, it would be this or ‘Our Song’ I’m pretty sure. I forgot how much I love this song. Ugh. She sounds so good.

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Haunted (CE)
Taylor Swift
Speak Now: Concert Experience




Taylor Swift - Haunted (Live Effect) | press play & make sure volume’s up!

oh god. my heart.



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Q: You’re a role model and you know it.

T: Well, I definitely think about a million people when I get dressed in the morning. And That’s just part of my life know. I think it’s my responsibility and to be conscious about it. And it would be really easy to say, um… you know, I am 21 know I do what I want, you raise your kids. But it’s not the truth of it the truth of it is that every single singer with songs in the radio raises the next generation. So make your words count.

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