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Anonymous: Is that Haylor leaked break up song real? Or is it just one of her old unreleased songs?

No. It was a song written by Jersey Green. She sounds like Taylor tho. So it isn’t Taylor singing I’m Alright :)

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Anonymous: would it be awkward if there was a guy fan of Taylor Swift?

Noooope, it wouldn’t be :)

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Anonymous: Happy New Year, Swifties! Long live <3 More power to the admins, too :)

Happy New Year to you, too!<13 :)

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Anonymous: *SPLAT* you just got snowballed! So, WELCOME TO THE SNOWBALL FIGHT OF 2012!!!! Ok, here's how it works. you say three to five random facts about yourself, then you go Anonymous and snowball your five favorite blogs. If you get snowballed again then you CANNOT snowball any blogs you snowballed before, except if you're out of blogs to snowball. Have fun!

How am I supposed to answer this… Hmm. Okay,

  • Most of the members and admins of this blog are Filipino :)
  • Our blog is 2.07 years old already. *YAAAAY!!
  • Uhm, I can’t think of a general fact about this blog except that we love Taylor.
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Anonymous: "Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street" what does that even mean?

Okay, I really don’t know what’s the meaning behind that line, too. But I have come to [unusual] conclusions: (be prepared)

A Maserati is a very fabulous car and why would someone drive it down a street that has nowhere to go? I think the meaning behind it is the risk. That his love was risk. But you can’t stop it, and you took the risk of loving him. The Maserati, I think, symbolized his love that it’s going to nowhere and it’ll end but you still love that car. You still love his love — You still loved him.

Or maybe loving him has this end. It’s a dead-end street. No matter how beautiful your love is, it’ll end somewhere. The Maserati represent beauty and luxury. Loving him is beautiful but there are things that are blocking your way that you know your love will end soon.

Or… in the chorus “Loving him was Red”, Taylor describe the color red with intense feeling. It’s like their love is this crazy roadtrip but it’ll end soon. It’s a fun roadtrip to love but it’s ending. And that is intense. Because soon, you started to fall in love more and more that he got into your skin. I think that line depicts risk and the beauty of falling in love and its ending.

I really don’t know.

I hoped it helped, though. :D <13

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Anonymous: do you know who tay wrote sparks fly about?

Sparks Fly was written in 2006, so once again, we don’t know who that song is for. (Swifties, please don’t start another This-Song-Is-For-This-Guy argument. :) )

<13 :D

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Anonymous: Hey, do you know if that notorious gifs tumblr credits the people they get their gifs from? coz they have used one of mine, I was just wondering. Thanks :)

I do not know, sorry. But I’ve tracked the post I reblogged here which is this. The thing is I don’t know the real owner. 

I’m sorry that happened to you. If it makes you better, some huge blog used one of my edits, too and some rebloggers deleted the credits. :) You’re welcome. :))

1 year ago // by howellswift
Anonymous: Who?

Ronan. The 3-year-old boy that was diagnosed with Cancer. Taylor and Ronan’s mom wrote the song for him.

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Anonymous: Is Taylor's new song based on someone she actually knew?

Yes. :)

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Anonymous: Hi. :) just wanted to ask if taylor's "journey to fearless" dvd is exactly the same as the one they aired at the Hub for three nights before? thank you. i hope you could help me, since I'm having trouble figuring out if i should still buy her dvd since i already have the 3 episodes of its fearless concert (the one showed at the hub).

Yes. It’s the same. :)

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Anonymous: can i just point out that they could have been dating for quite a while and have decided only now to make it public.

Yeah, but is it really a smart move to buy a house so sudden? Some Swifties are just scared, is all. :)

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Anonymous: I'm not saying that I'm not happy for Taylor. I can see that she is happy, that's why as a fan of hers, I'm scared for her. And there's something about their relationship that smells. I mean, Taylor brought a house at their compound like, I really think that isn't a smart move. Taylor could've done something better than that.. and Conor? Oh, boy. I'm really having a bad feeling about this everytime I see a new picture at how sweet they could possibly get at the eyes of other people.

I know, right? What if they break up or something? In my opinion, buying a house very near to your just-new boyfriend is not a very good move. We don’t really know Conor that much. We don’t know his twitter, his friends or something, so we should never jump to conclusions. Saying that Conor is not a good match for her. 

Maybe Conor’s really sweet and kind. And I do agree, they are really public about their relationship, but maybe they just couldn’t help it. Maybe they’re very in love soo…

It’s fine to be scared because you don’t want Taylor to get brokenhearted again. Me too. But we should be very happy about her new found relationship. <13 :) 

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Anonymous: John F Kennedy and having connections to the government isn't the scary history about the Kennedys.

I know. I don’t really know why I’m scared (apparently, other people too). You know… I-ugh. This is frustrating. Can we change the topic, please? :)

2 years ago // 1 note // by howellswift
Anonymous: What's so scary about the Kennedys? What's their history?

John Kennedy was a US President. That’s it. And most likely, they have many connections to the government. :))

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Anonymous: I'm afraid of the Kennedy's too.. and that makes me afraid and/or scared for Taylor, too, being with a Kennedy.. and she's like so serious about the whole relationship. Ohhh, Taylor. RRUUUUNNN please, please, please.. </3. :(

Being scared of the Kennedy’s is so weird. Don’t be scared of Taylor. She’s not going to change and be like a strict bitchy person. Yeah, they’re really (REALLY) serious about it. But they’re happy, so we should just let them be. :)

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