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Opening Act (Red Tour Manila 6.6.12)

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you’ve got that kind of look in your eyes as if no one knows anything but us

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a non-taylor swift song that reminds you of taylor swift? or if you did the challenge send us the link?

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Here are the list of our adorable members. We would like to thank each and one of them for making this blog super active!!!!! yehey! You guys should follow this adorable people of this blog~ :) 
Thank you everyone!
Stay Fearless<13

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Taylor Swift Fashion Challenge
  • [10] Photoshoots Outfits
  • [ 9 ] Candid Outfits
  • [ 8 ] Event Outfits - Award shows, movie premiers, and others
  • [ 7 ] Appearance Outfits - Interviews, TV series and Movies
  • [ 6 ] Concert/Performances Outfits
  • [ 5 ] Hair Style
  • [ 4 ] Shoes
  • [ 3 ] Accesories 
  • [ 2 ] Taylor Swift Style - favorite style from head to toe
  • [ 1 ] Era-Fashion - pre-TS, TS, speak now or red 

Just tag it with ‘tswiffashion' and we'll be reblogging some :)

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floueria answered: I think that it might be better if there was a title but other than that it looks beyond amazing! :)

there you go! I added a title for the blog. // did you guys get the reference? hahaha.

for the others~ thank you for replying. i love you all~~~

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DAY2 Favorite song from ‘Fearless’ album Love Story

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I hope you think my favorite song, the one we danced to all night long; The moon like a spotlight on the lake

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Taylor Swift + Collaborations;

i. Everything Has Changed Ed Sheeran ii. Breathe Colbie Caillet iii. Half Of My Heart John Mayer iv. Best Days Of Your Life Kellie Pickler v. Highway Don’t Care Tim McGraw vi. Safe & Sound Civi Wars vii. Both of Us B.o.B viii. The Last Time Gary Lightbody ix. Two Is Better Than One Boys Like Girls

{ Listen }

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Taylor Swift, the full-grown stadium killer

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Your URL in the Taylor Swift scrapbook!

I will be seeing Taylor on the 4th of December in Sydney, Australia, and I will be making a small notebook/scrapbook of tumblr and twitter fans, and will do my best to give it to her/one of her crew. If you want to be in this book, just r e b l o g this, and I will add your name. Also, you don’t have to, but I would appreciate it if you followed me :)

From, redswifty :)

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SONGS OF TS that I really can relate → a place in this world

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SONGS OF TS that makes me cry → back to december

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