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[will] you take a moment, promise me this, that youll stand by me forever (all of you)?

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just change the theme a little. You can now see the member who made the post you just click the link and it will direct you to his/her blog. it’s our way of thanking our active members :)

Thank you guys and btw we would like to introduce you guys to our member of the month: youre—my—achilles—heel and myjourneytofearlesss. They have the most edit since we added some new members. And all of their edit are so flawless. and some more blogs that made this blog active because of their reblogs: annaandswift, messofashiningdreamerwe-are-shining-like-fireworks.  I’m so glad you guys sign up at our blog! - ubhie

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13 Days Taylor Swift Challenge: Day 2: Favourite Song from ‘Fearless' album:

And we know it’s never simple, never easy, never a clean break, no one here to save me.


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GIVE ME THAT CLOTHES ~ Taylor Swift @ 2013 Billboard Music Awards

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GIVE ME THAT CLOTHES ~ Taylor Swift @ 03.06 Leaving a dance class in Los Angeles, California

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Taylor Swift & Lorde @  the beach in Malibu, California

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13 Day Taylor Swift Song Challenge
  1. Favorite song from ‘Taylor Swift’ album
  2. Favorite song from ‘Fearless’ album
  3. Favorite song from ‘Speak Now’ album
  4. Favorite song from ‘RED' album
  5. Favorite song in Live/Acoustic Version
  6. Favorite collaboration
  7. Favorite Music Video
  8. Favorite Lyrics/Line
  9. Favorite Break-up song/song that makes you cry
  10. Favorite Love song
  11. Favorite Party song/Hairbrush song
  12. Song that you can really relate right now
  13. Your Theme/Life song

Let’s do this guys. Just tag your post as '13tswift' and we’ll be reblogging some. don’t for get to tag :)

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my friend just saw me rebloging taylor swift photos, and he said to me “still on taylor swift, she’s a slut” I just said, “ok” and continue on scrolling on tumblr and reblogging every taylor swift post that i can see so he can get the hell out my space then he just walks away.

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19.08 - Red Tour Los Angeles Stop - Photocall

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"but darling it was good

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