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Letters For Taylor


What it’s all about:

Writing a letter is a great way to clear your mind. It can help you sort out your feelings and calm you down when life gets a little crazy. It is also a great way to show Taylor how much you love and appreciate her. By sharing your Taylor-related stories, current problems in your life, or sharing a funny picture you may catch the eye of a fellow TSwift fan and make a new friend. Also, Taylor can see what you have to say! It is hard to get a reply to fan mail and even when you do it will most likely be just an autograph. This is another way you can send the same message, it just adds to your chances of getting noticed. And maybe, just maybe, Taylor will drop by your ask box or reblog your letter with a response (just like her instagram comments!). 

How can I do this?

drop by lettersfortaylorswift and click write a letter! In the submit box type your letter (and add any pictures you would like) and send it in! It will be published on the blog. 


The goal of this blog is for Taylor to find it and have easy access to our letters. But getting her or her team to find it may take some time. There are no guarantees she will ever see your letter by posting it here. Posting a copy here is just another way to put your message to Taylor out there. If somehow she does find this blog and reads our letters that would be amazing! 

if you have any questions send us an ask or check out the FAQ

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