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Introducing Unreleased, now available as a .zip download!

Before becoming the mega-superstar she is today, Taylor Swift would write song after song in preparation for her first album’s release. Many never made the final cut and would have gone unheard by the general public if not for “leakers” who posted them on the internet. These songs range from pre-Taylor Swift to last-minute Fearless cuts (making room for such songs as “Forever & Always”). Compiled for your enjoyment are all of the studio-recorded unreleased songs written by Swift and her team. The collection includes the artwork above (created by me) and the following tracks:

Disc One:
01. I’d Lie // 02. One Thing // 03. What to Wear // 04. Never Mind // 05. Dark Blue Tennessee // 06. What Do You Say // 07. Making Up for Lost Love // 08. I’m Every Woman // 09. Your Face // 10. Brought Up That Way // 11. Long Time Going // 12. You Don’t Have to Call // 13. Wait For Me // 14. Sweet Tea and God’s Graces // 15. I Know What I Want (It Ain’t You)

Disc Two:
01. Permanent Marker // 02. Better Off // 03. This Is Really Happening // 04. Thirteen Blocks (Can’t Call It Love) // 05. Dark Blue Tennessee (Piano Version) // 06. My Cure // 07. The Diary of Me // 08. R-E-V-E-N-G-E // 09. Drive All Night (Just South of Knowing Why) // 10. Never Mind (Pop Mix) // 11. Tell Me // 12. Need You Now // 13. We Were Happy // 14. Welcome Distraction // 15. Who I’ve Always Been 

The entire collection can be downloaded here (x) (xx), or you can listen to each track above by simply clicking the track number. Enjoy!

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