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"Who the hell does Taylor swift think she is, running around town expressing her emotions creatively through an art form that she happens to be very talented in? How dare a woman write songs about how men in her life have let her down, lied to her, and treated her like an object! Quit your whining, girly, and embrace the blatant sexism that dominates your industry. Never mind that you’re a multi award winning recording artist who managed to be a ‘teen star’ who’s biggest scandal wasn’t drugs, alcohol or criminal activity in general, but the number of boyfriends you’ve had. You have dated a bunch of different guys, so you’re basically you’re a terrible person. How dare you go through the very normal act of dating? Don’t you know you’re a celebrity and a young female celebrity at that, and therefore have no right to privacy, sympathy or respect? And then you go and turn your life experiences into art? I mean, who does that? Can’t you just shake your ass and sing about ‘getting’ down in the club’ like everyone else? And what about your terrible dancing at the Grammys? I mean, we know that you’re a singer and a song writer and have never professed to being a good dancer, and you were probably just having a bit of fun, dancing with a friend to a song you thought was cool, but we all thought you looked like a total douche. Seriously. And even though you don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of your dancing, we care, and we like to laugh at you. And that is all that matters. So we hope you go home to your multi-million dollar house, with your hugely successful multi-platinum albums on the walls, and the trophy case full of awards, look at your beautiful reflection in the mirror and cry… because you’re kind of a dorky dancer."
- internet user Elizabeth who deserves all the fine wines and artisinal cheeses she could possibly consume, or whatever the hell else would make her feel like the winner of everything (via comesbacktomeburningred)
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May 29, 2014
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