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a non-taylor swift song that reminds you of taylor swift? or if you did the challenge send us the link?

Posted by: ubhie
May 19, 2014
13 notes
  1. currentrecollections answered: some sara barellis stuff
  2. jotagomez3 answered: Sia - Chandelier
  3. seekingmrdarcy said: 'A Little Bit Longer' from the movie Country Strong. I wish she'd perform it any day on her concert.
  4. lumiereharry answered: paper doll by john mayor
  5. timefor-changex said: Kiss Me Slowly - Parachute
  6. swiftrecords answered: "Bright Lights" Matchbox Box Twenty
  7. withagirllikethat said: My wish rascall flats
  8. swiftkaleidoscopes answered: sweet disposition
  9. ifreakinlovetaylorswift posted this