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auhsoj13: Hey! I'm just another big fan of taylor asking you a question but i would really appreciate it if you could help me.. I'm going for her concert in malaysia on the 15th June. And I upgraded my tickets to pit zone from a contest.. Does that means I cannot stand a chance in club red? And could my other friends in another zone try to win it and get a pass for me as well? A personal reply would be really nice! Thank you! :)

I don’t have any idea about this. But maybe you guys can help him out? :)

Posted by: maybeintherainbow
April 23, 2014
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  1. causeyouwerelookingoverme said: That’s really odd reading the other comments because I’ve heard of people in the out getting in
  2. pinksaphire1790 said: go to an official site of aylor swift in your ocuntry like here inn the PHILIPPINES WE HAVE… TaylorSwiftPh
  3. gonnashakeit said: If you are in pit then you can’t get club red, which sucks :( But I have heard of a group that have a club RED story on youtube who asked for her friend who was in another section to come and Andrea allowed it, hope this helped :)
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