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every time i hear the song all too well, i sing along with it. do you?

Posted by: ubhie
April 10, 2014
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  1. kriziaswift answered: . .yeah!! :)
  2. seekingmrdarcy answered: Sure… and every single time it breaks a bit my heart as well/
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  4. isharockx answered: YES!!!!! OMG!!!! WE R SOOOO ALIKE!!!! ILYSM
  5. alonewithourchanginminds answered: I’m like programmed to
  6. harrypotterisdivergent answered: I sing along until the tears come
  7. our2ndswift answered: most definitely. i mean who doesn’t?
  8. fearlesslylovingher answered: yes..the story behind those lyrics..
  9. maybesylviaplathwascold answered: *any t-swizzle song
  10. andyousayletsrunawaynow answered: um duh
  11. emparafuso answered: in my case is when i hear holy ground hahah
  12. jemapellefai answered: Yes. Oh god. It’s one of my favorite tracks in RED. Actually, the whole RED is my favorite!
  13. skylinesandstarlights answered: Always!
  14. theladybehindthelens answered: Yess!! ;)
  15. youthfal answered: All to Well is the most amazing song and my favourite from ALL her albums!
  16. hopeblisters answered: yes! really overdramatically haha
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