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lavignesworld: hi! i'm a little curious about tay's new tumblr... there's one post so far, and there's gray text that says "-taylor nation" i mean, why not "-taylor" or smth? btw i know what taylor nation is, but i'm kinda confused. thx!!

it’s taylor swift blog, but it’s not really taylor handling the blog. Taylor Nation is the one using the blog~ “ALSO strictly speaking Taylor Nation isn’t strictly a fan account considering it’s run in affiliation with her management, they get their information from management, when taylor released details of her UK/Asian leg of the red tour it was through Taylor Nation and I suspect they’re on her, or her managements, pay roll, rather than just being a fan account!” (thanks to that anon, i’ll just put your msg here)

Posted by: ubhie
April 09, 2014
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