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Anonymous: What time does the ACMs end?

hahah. sorry we don’t know. we’re just one of those people who waits for the announcements at the social media sites. hahaha. anyone knows?

Update:it will end at 11 PM (Thanks for the answers guys)

Posted by: ubhie
April 07, 2014
9 notes
  1. withagirllikethat said: 11 est
  2. ewwhostaylorswiftanyway said: 11
  3. lovetheriddlesthatyouspeak said: 11:00 pm EST
  4. fearlesslyonfire said: 11pm ET, 10PM CT :)
  5. fuck-sewingmachines said: 11 ET
  6. heartbreakersgonnabreak said: they are three hours long so 11pm
  7. ifreakinlovetaylorswift posted this