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Taylor Swift with Lily Aldridge 03/28/14 (x)

So scary. Now I feel bad for reblogging those photos. That must suck.

poor taylor i would cry if i was her

It is a bunch of factors at once.

First thing people should understand is that NYC isn’t always like this. Taylor picked a neighborhood where people can just lurk and get stuff. You never see Jay Z and Beyoncé pics because they drive places and they have low key hidden entrances to their buildings.

I can say that in my time in NYC, the only times I personally witnessed over the top photographer scrums were organized red carpet events (photogs were invited for publicity and given spots to shoot from). I’ve never seen much of what we see here happening in NYC. Maybe they’ve gotten more brazen lately? Maybe it’s because of construction on that street?

The other thing here is that it reminds us that media outlets are still paying for pap pics. Hanging on tumblr we just see them for free but someone somewhere along the line is getting paid.

You could be a big fan but you probably wouldn’t want to be inside that photographer scrum, so we can assume that everyone taking pics is getting paid or hoping to get paid.

And then there is the dirty little secret of pap photography - anyone with any decent camera could get pics that can be sold now.

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March 29, 2014
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