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reasons taylor swift is the best role model? i need to convince my friend but im so bad w words
  • She teaches young girls that beauty is not just about looks, its also how you treat people 
  • Teaches juveniles that it’s never behooving to be drinking or be seen in nightclubs
  • shows women that you don’t have to be in love to be happy
  • teaches adolescents it’s always better to be the bigger person
  • she doesn’t swear or is rude in public
  • never is a diva
  • truly cares about the well being of her family, fans, and friends
  • goes out of her way to meet fans for ex. she followed a young girl around just to say hi
  • teaches individuals that it’s okay not to be okay
  • writes her own songs, that include a lot of sentimental artifacts of her life
  • is genuinely kind to everyone
  • brought pizza for fans waiting outside her hotel room
  • played a show in the pouring rain and did not stop or complain
  • always donates her dresses to charity
  • spontaneously visited the ronal mcdonald children and did not ask for media attention, instead went around making smiles on childrens faces and singing for them
  • wrote a song about a young boy with cancer and donated all the proceeds to help fight cancer
  • put on the Help Now Speak Now concert in which she donated all of the proceeds to victims of the hurricane
  • donated 4M dollars to open up a school in Nashville
  • supports over 25 charities
  • instead of ranting about her boyfriends in interviews, releases the details disguised in her lyrics
  • never complains about her privacy or being famous
  • paints guitars for sick children
  • visits numerous fans in the hospital
  • took a sick fan to the ACM’s
  • has Club Red in which she greets fans instead of selling meet and greets for ridiculously overpriced money like justin bieber

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March 10, 2014
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