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if you’re going? what seat you’ll take?

Posted by: ubhie
February 21, 2014
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  1. fellawithahellagoodhair answered: i will! i think i could only afford uppder box or somewhere in the middle. wish i could have VIP tho.
  2. taytayswizzle answered: OOH you’re a Filipino too?? I’m going!! But I don’t know where I’m gonna sit haha
  3. in-faye-nite said: Lowe3 box siguro :) ikaw?
  4. nursekuno said: Are the tickets available now???
  5. fvckyeahannakendrick answered: hey i still don’t know if i can watch it but if i do, I’ll be at the gen Ad and my friend would be in Lower box so this sucks.
  6. obli-viouss answered: we should! but im not really sure tho
  7. tacoboutrude answered: I’m going to one in Malaysia, but AAAAHHH good luck! I’m so excited for her to come to Asia!
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