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IT’S OFFICIAL GUYS? RED TOUR PH on June 6! Tickets will be on sale on 20!! I’m so excited about it! and it will be on MOA Arena!! I’m so gonna go.

Are you?

Posted by: ubhie
February 15, 2014
16 notes
  1. maybeintherainbow answered: I AM!!!! Yep.
  2. mheandawpangalanko answered: Pautang. Hahaha. I’m so beggar. HAHA. Enjoy there Sweetie. ;)
  3. dream-catcherz said: I live in Sweden and still I’m waiting for her to come here… But maybe :3
  4. bams-boleyn answered: YOU’RE FILIPINO? OOOO_OOOO
  5. anostalgicparadox answered: YES!
  6. in-faye-nite said: Yes. What ticket will you buy? :)
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