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i mean, what clothes literally screams ‘taylor swift’? what will you wear if you want to copy taylor swift fashion?

Posted by: ubhie
January 18, 2014
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  1. aearwen answered: the gold dress that she wore in the first few songs of speak now tour the stringy swingy effect that’s her
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    The purple dress from the Speak Now tour!
  3. thatwasthenightthingschanged answered: For me it’s the high waist shorts that she wears ^^
  4. ellawhispers13 answered: I’d say horizontally striped shirts and tennis shoes/KEDs.
  5. brokenpiecesofsoul answered: she has kinda indie and hipster style i think :D
  6. stating-sophistication said: brogues, with a floral dress that ends just above the knees
  7. angelsoftherevolution answered: Red keds, red lips, any cute sun dress?
  8. myjourneytofearlesss answered: vintage polka dot and stripes :3
  9. livinginmyownsin said: High rise waist shorts, collared tanks, a red dress, anything with cats on it,bright red lipstick :)
  10. kr4life21 said: High shorts, sunglasses and a hat hehe ♡
  11. swifties13red answered: i think it would be floral dresses, high waisted shorts, shades, and vintageeee clothings!
  12. anseljerome said: white lace dresses
  13. anseljerome answered: floral dresses, shoes like keds or like google.gr/search?…
  14. sambastian-archive said: Stripes, high waisted shorts, skinny belts, red sunglasses.
  15. b-aa answered: for the red era: striped shirts, highwaisted shorts, polka dots, keds shoes and polka dot headbands!
  16. 13g0las said: High waisted shorts, long sleeves top and brogues
  17. alonzotsui said: That gold dress with glittets
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