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I decided to make this follow forever because 2013 has really been the best year on Tumblr for me. I got to make new friends, talk to new people, find some new blogs to follow, and got new followers that I'm so thankful for!

So this follow forever is sort of a "thank you" to all the people that made 2013 so incredible for me by making me laugh or smile and genuinely bringing me joy! <3

abc: adorableswift  

def: dressuplikehipsters - everswift eyesopen - fullofswift - ffearless - ffinicks  - fortunesandfame - feelingtwentytwo

ghi: ifreakinlovetaylorswift - ifwebothstay iknitsweatersyo - indemne - itsfearlesstswift 

klmn: kingdomlightsshine - newfoundgrace 

opq: omgistaylor - ohitssparkling - ourprincesswift 

rst: speaknowtaylor - staystaystays - taylorsvift -timeerasingyou treachreous - tswift 

uvw: voguetaylor -welovetaylorswift 

xyz: youmakemecrazier 

123: 60squeens

Thank you, I love you all <3 xx


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January 01, 2014
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    YAY THANK YOU SO MUCH! Have an amazing 2014!
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    Thank you! :)
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