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A short reminder for those who want to be members of this blog.

Of course, tons of you want to be members of this blog, and do your very best in submitting photos/edits/typos of anything Taylor Swift related, but mind you…

The criteria we look for is the creativity in YOUR OWN EDITS/ TYPOGRAPHIES of anything Taylor Swift related. Submitting photos of Taylor won’t get you into the blog, and most especially, submitting edits/typos that aren’t yours. You need to submit something you did yourself. Your own edit, not someone else’s. Unless you’d really like to share the photo, it’s fine, as long as you give credit to the original owner. Please do not claim something that is not really your own, we discourage that. We encourage creativity and originality.

We are also looking for member who can be dedicated and be active to this blog. We’re not expecting you to be online 24/7 but please just be active. (we have problems about this in the past, so please?!) we prefer if you’re not a Taylor Swift Blog, because we don’t like you have a divided attention to your blog and this blog, we also don’t allow reblogging of your own edits. So if you really want to join, you need to post your edits here on the blog.

Thank you fellow Swifties! Have a nice day! Stay Fearless y’all! <13

Submit your entry here.

Posted by: malicieuxe
May 16, 2011
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