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Anonymous: I read this last night: "You know, it's really awkward or weird to know that Tay broke up with Conor, and just months later she is dating Harry. You know? i think is not easy to see Tay handle another hand in a such little time.. If i were him, i would think that she didn't love me enough:/" What do u think about this article, guys? ..

well, that is really a fast shift from connor to harry. but when you listen to the song Everything Has Change (they say it’s for connor) you’ll feel that taylor felt something for him. you can’t right that oh-so-many-feelings song, i you don’t have strong feelings for the person you wrote it about, you know :)

Posted by: ubhie
December 20, 2012
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  1. l0veston3d said: it was a really fast shift, but I had a shift like that this year as well. We will never know the REAL reason why the broke up, Taytay is just dating, just let her live her life!
  2. naomi-clarks said: sometimes, things just happen, you know? and sometimes it helps when other people help you over someone
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