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GUYS. Where did you get that NEW PICTURES OF RED, the one from the book and all. can anyone please give me a link, where i can find a scan of it? omg. i neeeeed it pleaaaaaaaaaase?

Posted by: ubhie
December 19, 2012
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  1. dustoffhopes answered: I think you an get it here :)) taylorpictures.net
  2. ohmy-dylan-obrien answered: what book??? where can i get this book or are you talking about the cd booklet??
  3. puhrior answered: taylorswift(.)com(.)br/galeria/thumbnails(.)php?album=1800
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  5. kallumlavigne answered: taylorswiftweb.net/foru…
  6. dstxnce answered: i think you need to buy them from her website :|
  7. kingdomlightsshine answered: mistermullingar.tumblr…. they’re all there! xx
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