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Anonymous: omfg the thing about dating famous boys, playing the victim and then moving on like nothing is true. and don't be all like "you're not a real taylor swift fan." maybe i'm not. i love her music but i don't follow anyone blindly like you guys do for her.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. omg. look, we’re not like blind and not looking at the facts. we really do see it. but we just let taylor live her life, it’s not ours, you know. if she’s happy, we’re happy. we’re like we-don’t-care-who-you-date fans. we love taylor because of her music, her attitude, her awesomeness! :)

and i don’t think taylor really plays the victim thingy. it’s like only half of her song. it’s not like her song all says “i’m broken, help me, hate him” again, I’m telling if you have a break up, don’t you feel like a victim?~ like so heart broken, like it’s the end of the world. (you know, sometimes you should try to love someone then let him break the relationship, maybe you know how it feels)

and dating famous boys. i think taylor can date any boy she wants. for all i care, she can date a fan.  

Posted by: ubhie
December 18, 2012
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  1. thatslifeswift said: I think most of the time Taylor is trying to tell her fans to learn and think about her experiences. I dont think shes trying to say shes the victim at all. Its more like a diary into her life.
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