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guys can you direct me to where i can find that new pictures of taylor swift, the scanned one, the photoshot on RED album (the original one please, not edited)?

Posted by: ubhie
December 11, 2012
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  1. aurbeyplaza answered: taylorpictures.net
  2. darkstrawberrymallows answered: i dunno..
  3. itsmiserable-and-magical answered: I need them too :(
  4. annaseeswong answered: facebook.com/media/s…
  5. enternalwanderlust answered: taylorswift.com/media/p… go here
  6. totallyswifted answered: try taylorpictures.net
  7. itscasuallycruel answered: ialmostdo.tumblr.com or tswiftdaily.tumblr.com :)
  8. staybeautifultaylorswift answered: ialmostdo.tumblr.com/ta… :))
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